martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

"The 'Motorcycle' Diaries"

Ok so i am going to be very quick about the parts of my trip up to Argentina and then i will be up to date. Hopefully i will be a good enough boy to keep myself up to date from then on so that you all know the cool things that i have been up to and can be suitably jealous of my awesome life.

Ok so after i had finished with my time with Projects Abroad, i had a few more weeks in Peru before sara and i went to Bolivia to have adventures at the salar de Uyuni. In this time i did some cool sights things but i also went to Machu Picchu with Sara. We went with a group who had done the alternative inca trail which goes through the jungle. We got up at 4am to walk up to the ruins. It was AMAZING!!!!! When we got in it was really cloudy but the clouds cleared for just long enough for us to see accross the whole complex. Then the clouds came back and we couldn't see a thing but hey ho. Anyway we went around the city with our guide Herber. At Machu Picchu everything is shaped like a condor (well supposedly) It is an amazing city. then it started raining so we went to shelter in the cafe and wait to see if the rain would stop. It didn't. So we just went back down to spend the afternoonin the town. So that was Machu Picchu.

Next comes Uyuni; Sara and I went to Uyuni on the train with a quick stop in La Paz to book our tour around the Salt flats. We arrived in Uyuni on the train. Uyuni is a very dry and windy town. It seems to exist almost entirely for the tourists who come for the Salt flats. Our tour was absolutely amazing. We saw the salt flats and took loads of really cool illusion photos using the weird lack of perspective to create some awesome photos. Then on the other days, we got to go to loads of really pretty places like the coloured lagoon. which was an amazing thing to see. it is BRIGHT purple. well it was purple the day that we were there but the guide assured me that it really depends on the day and the wind. Sometimes it is just blue.

We also got to see the stone tree. but no stone condors!!

After Uyuni Sara and i went our separate ways. sara back to Peru to do more teaching and to enjoy er time in the jungle and me in to Argentina. It was really sad to have to say goodbye to Sara but i'm going to see her in August because she is going to come to England at the same time as Ashley and we are going to have an awesome time all going to see the best bits of England.

Next time... Argentina!

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