miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

"Don't cry for me Argentina"

Right, I am going to be honest with you guys here; I have been a very lazy person over the past few months. I have not bothered to write anything. I have been writing my journal and you can ask to read it when i get home but the reality is that I am just a bit too lazy and busy to write about every little thing that I am getting up o here in Argentina. I will fill you in on the places that I have visited here but I'm not going to tell you all the little details of the things that I have done.
The first place that i went to in argentina is a city called Salta. It is the most awesome quiet city and i really enjoyed my time there. I had a couple of trips out from Salta to some places called San Antonio de los Cobres and Cafayate. Cafayate is a wine making area. Their best wine is torrontés, a crisp, white wine.
After Salta, I went to Córdoba. Cordoba is a much larger city than Salta and is one of the principal cities in Argentina. It was a really cool place just to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. I also got to know some people who live there through my roomate at the hostel.
The hostel where I stayed in Córdoba was amazing; the atmosphere of theplace was really nice and they made free empanadas for everyone at least twice a week. I had a really nice time there and I was certainly very sad to leave.
The next stop was Puerto Iguazú. I flew from Córdoba to Iguazú because I was feeling lazy and I wanted to give myself a birthday treat. Iguazú is one of the sweetest towns that I have ever visited. It definitely doesn't feel like a border town and it has some life to it. I went to the waterfalls for my birthday and it was amazing. It really is a great spectacle. The sound of all that water crashing over the abyss is quite spectacular and it certainly takes your breath away. I really like Iguazú but I was also really excited when I left it because it meant that I was going to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is an amazing city. I was really lucky because I was there during the celebrations of the bicentenary of the Argentine nation. It was the best party that I have ever seen. I really enjoyed Buenos Aires. It is so full of life and fun. I took the oportunity to take a tango lesson with a person who I met in Iguazú.
Then after Buenos Aires, we move to my current location, Mendoza, the wine capital of South America. I am having a great time here. The wine tour is amazing. You just go out and rent a bike and then you can ride between all the vinyards, trying wine and other things; there is one place where they make olive oil, chocolate, and licors including absinthe. It was an amazing day out. I am still here and I am looking at the different things that i can see round here.
I'll just have to tell you later what i get up to.